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Do yourself a favor, and take a moment out of every day to check in with your stress levels.

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Address problems as they come up, and pay attention to the world around you. Disengage from your phone for a while. Learn something new, and expand your horizons.

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Interpreter Education Online is a great way to give you a mental shift and put your focus on furthering your education or easing the difficulty of training a bilingual staff. Let us work for you! Join the conversation on LinkedIn and Facebook today! Interpreter Education Online has been a proud provider of comprehensive online training and testing for interpreters around the world for years.

e-book Sign Language Alphabet Books for Kids (Interactive Fun): Mind Hurdles

Now we are adding webinars to our array of options and already have an exciting layout of upcoming webinars. Our first webinar is scheduled for May 3, , and will be presented by our own Jinny Bromberg. The Webinar will cover different types of stress, focusing on Vicarious Trauma. Many interpreters do not realize that they can be severely affected by Vicarious Trauma and the outcome could be serious.

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  5. We will discuss what VT is and its impact on interpreters. We will also examine the ways to cope and overcome VT. We are very excited to announce that our second webinar will be hosted by Bruce Adelson a well-known expert on compliance. Often, these intersections reveal conflicting messages, expectations, and requirements. Registration for both webinars will open next week. We would really like to hear from you!


    What topics would you like to see covered in future webinars? Let us know by visiting our site and commenting on Facebook and LinkedIn! Of course! There is a niche in every market, and interpreting is no different. Finding your niche market can be a game changer for your career. For instance, Abigail Dahlberg has made a name for herself by being an expert in waste-management German to English translation. Where would your niche be?

    Learning a language – 10 things you need to know

    We can help you find it! If you are a medical interpreter, have you thought about delving into the world of mental health, or specifically well versed in prenatal and neonatal care interpreting? What about honing your skills as an interpreter for expert witnesses? There are opportunities everywhere to expand your niche market and make yourself more broadly appealing and dynamic. Let Interpreter Education Online help you find your niche today. Visit our website, and join the conversation on LinkedIn and Facebook!

    And here are some of them! A huge part of rejuvenating your career is simply a shift in attitude and outlook. Changing how you see your current standings and how you view your future path can lead you to try new things and be bolder in the workplace.

    The IEO Blog | Interpreter Education Online

    Start making new decisions that challenge you and create new goals for yourself. Another important aspect of revitalizing your career is ensuring that your PR is up to date. The market is consistently changing as new social media platforms trend and emerge, and you want to be sure that you are on top of the changes. In a social media savvy era, not having a search worthy or resonating online presence can be a huge pitfall to your career goals. There is free literature online about current trends, so take advantage of those resources! Something that will always be instrumental in rejuvenating any career is updating and continuing to grow your individual skillset.

    No matter how much you have learned in any given field, there is always room to learn more. As times change, so do aspects of any industry, and keeping yourself up to date on training and continuing education can only lead to career advancement. We are huge advocates of continued education at Interpreter Education Online. For instance, If you are an interpreter looking for something to rejuvenate your career, take a look at our VRI course. Video Remote Interpreting is on the rise and a huge asset to the skillsets of interpreters.

    However you choose to do it, start rejuvenating your career today, and join the conversation on Facebook and LinkedIn! We often think our minds and bodies are saying the same thing, but it may be surprising to know that our bodies are often times doing the exact opposite of what our minds are thinking. Body language, or the lack of knowledge about your personal body language, is one of the leading causes of miscommunication both in the workplace and in everyday life.

    Knowing what our bodies are saying is an important aspect in making sure we are being heard and seen the way we want to be. Here are some helpful tips on getting to know the language of your body.

    sign language alphabet books for kids interactive fun mind hurdles Manual

    Without knowing it, you may be pushing someone away simply by crossing your arms. Mirroring is an important technique in achieving a successful interaction through body language. It simply means you take on the attributes of the person with whom you are speaking or interpreting for. Another technique for aiding in positive body language communication is the physical and vocal recognition of the conversation. This eases access to the communication and can help ensure the communication is more honest. There are many more techniques — people write full books on this topic.

    But these are good starting points. Starting soon, Interpreter Education Online will be rolling out new courses, including Acting Techniques for the Interpreter, which will help interpreters to become more knowledgeable on properly expressing body language. Visit our website today and join the conversation on LinkedIn and Facebook! You, our valued reader, have known IEO as a leader in online learning and continuing education for interpreters and translators, offering a variety of e-learning courses, proficiency tests, and resources for interpreters at any stage in their professional career from beginners to certified and seasoned professionals.

    Soon, the list of resources will be growing as we add live webinars. Starting in April, IEO will be offering webinars on various topics, from a variety of presenters, professionals, teachers, and industry experts from all around the world. These webinars will help to advance your skills, knowledge, and career goals in just a short time! This is an exciting time to for IEO, and we hope you will be a part of it. We look forward to your suggestions on webinar topics and your feedback to the webinars you are going to attend in the next months.

    And of course, we look forward to helping you with your specific needs, whether they are testing your proficiency, preparing for a certification exam, obtaining continuing education credits or testing your bilingual staff! Our site is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and at your service, so come grow with us! Join the conversation on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages today! Every year Spring brings the promise of something new, something to appreciate, and much to look forward to. So get on your forward thinking path today, and change your perspective to one that leads to a healthier lifestyle!

    Something we need to be healthy is sleep. Naps are a good way to make up for lost sleep, as well as re-training the body on how to sleep for a consecutive eight hours. Obviously, eating right is a clear path to healthy living. But on any given day, and according to the source, eating right can change definition. Small businesses have to thrive in the spring as well!

    Did you know that you can actually start living a healthier, more positive lifestyle simply by practicing random acts of kindness? Help someone across the street. Set out to achieve at least one random act of kindness each day and see what it does for your outlook. Exercise is a big factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So walk more. Simply by walking , you increase your metabolism and rejuvenate your body. And take control of your future. Make them happen! After all, there is no time like the present, and Spring is in the air!

    November 11, 12222

    Join the conversation on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages! But, with spring just around the corner, we thought it important to remember to keep an attitude of gratitude. While the clouds may still be sending down snow or sleet, we get the choice to radiate sunshine! Gratitude has been a much talked about topic for a while now.

    People who adopt this attitude tend to enjoy life more, and find ease and simplicity in day-to-day functions. Sounds fantastic, right? So how can you start feeling more grateful? There are a lot of articles and tips on how to go about achieving and maintaining an attitude of gratitude just ask the Huffington Post! Encouraged by self-help gurus everywhere, taking a moment to reflect each day on just one small thing for which you are grateful will set you on the right path.

    It is important to remain realistic , however. No one can be happy all of the time. It takes complete self-honesty.