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One day, Marquet unknowingly gave an impossible order, and his crew tried to follow it anyway. He realized he was leading in a culture of followers, and they were all in danger unless they fundamentally changed the way they did things. Marquet took matters into his own hands and pushed for leadership at every level. Before long, his crew became fully engaged and the Santa Fe skyrocketed from worst t first in the fleet. No matter your business or position, you can apply Marquet's approach to create a workplace where everyone takes responsibility for their actions, people are healthier and happier - and everyone is a leader.

His vision came down to three clear ideas: Recommit to the concept that quality matters, embrace technology instead of fighting it, and think bigger—think global—and turn Disney into a stronger brand in international markets. Fourteen years later, Disney is the largest, most respected media company in the world, counting Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox among its properties. Its value is nearly five times what it was when Iger took over, and he is recognized as one of the most innovative and successful CEOs of our era.

Even in the face of difficulty, an optimistic leader will find the path toward the best possible outcome and focus on that, rather than give in to pessimism and blaming. Leaders have to be willing to take risks and place big bets. Fear of failure destroys creativity. All decisions, no matter how difficult, can be made on a timely basis.

Indecisiveness is both wasteful and destructive to morale. Treat people decently, with empathy, and be accessible to them.

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This book is about the relentless curiosity that has driven Iger for forty-five years, since the day he started as the lowliest studio grunt at ABC. Sign in. Hidden fields. Top charts. New arrivals. Top selling comics. See more.

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Amazing Spider-Man Vol. Dan Slott. It's the biggest Spider-event ever! When the evil Inheritors begin exterminating spider-characters throughout the multiverse, every single Spider-Man ever is needed to save the day! A spider-army gathers to fight Morlun and his deadly family, and the Superior Spider-Man intends to lead it! Our universe's amazing Spider-Man has an issue with that As the first skirmishes unfold into all-out war, Miles Morales shows his stuff, Silk finds a valuable edge, and a surprising Spider-character makes the scene!

As the Prophecy comes to fruition, every spider must fight But what does the Superior Spider-Man have up his sleeve? And what will the war's fallout mean for Peter Parker Collecting: Amazing Spider-Man Darwyn Cooke. For over twenty years, the back stories of the now-iconic characters from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's landmark graphic novel had been the subject of much debate and theorizing.

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As the predecessor to the Watchmen, the Minutemen were assembled to fight against a world that have more and more rapidly begun to spin out of control. Can these heroes from completely different backgrounds and with completely different attitudes on crime come together? Or will they fall apart before they begin?

Joshua Corin. Nobody does slapstick like Spidey and Deadpool do slapstick! But the walking cartoon has terrible comic timing, showing up exactly when the Merc with a Mouth and the webbed wonder have declared: no more jokes! But what could have driven them to take the funny out of their funny book? Then, when the villainous Arcade decides to build a new, deadlier Murderworld in Madripoor, he invites by which we mean kidnaps Spider-Man to be its first guest!

The Flash: Rebirth: Issues Geoff Johns. But how will this greatest of all Flashes find his place in the twenty-first century? Life Is Strange 1. Emma Vieceli. Brian Michael Bendis.

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Collects Ultimate Comics Fallout Spider-Man is dead. Long live Spider-Man. Peter Parker has been struck down, felled by a bullet and by his archnemesis the Green Goblin. But though the teenage web-slinger is gone, his memory lives on. For better or for worse, the Ultimate Universe must come to grips with its new reality - including new Spider-Man Miles Morales!

Fall Announcements: Romance & Erotica

Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War. Duane Swierczynski. Collects Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War You've seen Deadpool in countless and we mean countless comics before--but never like this. Want answers about Deadpool? Like why does he refuse to move his weird red-and-black mask?

Why does he only answer to the name "Deadpool"? Was hereally part of a black bag special ops team that nobody has ever heard of?

Appendix: A Gallery of Archetypes - Caroline Myss

Were his teammates really given names like "Bullseye," "Silver Sable" and "Domino"? What did Wilson know, and when did he know it? Scott Snyder. The Dark Knight has uncovered one of the lost mysteries of the universe The dark corners of reality that have never been seen till now! The Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger--a team of twisted, evil versions of Batman hellbent on destroying the DC Universe!

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Robbie Thompson. When Spidey learns that Wade is selling S.

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The two biggest characters in comics are throwing down, no holds barred. Fables Vol. Bill Willingham. The tights and capes have been stored away forever, but it remains to be seen if Haven and its refugee inhabitants have survived the onslaught of. Where do the Fables go from here?

The Christmas Shift (Shadow Hills Shifters)

Bigby and Snow White's cubs try to move forward after learning a hard lesson about life and death. And the loveable, fan-favorite hero Bufkin the Flying Monkey gets into more trouble when he finally reaches his homeland of Oz. This Fables volume includes issues of the original series. New release ebooks.

A chance encounter on the train upends Sami's visit and changes his life forever.