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The Eye of Azazel
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Unfortunately for all, one of a kind, an insurmountable divine body will soon be introduced within this plane, whether it shall induce waves or not, is sorely up to the user.

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Under the beautiful luminous rays of light emitting from floating cloud city, one of the rural and secluded places of the blue wing empire. He was a masterpiece, a product of the gods dedicating their time solely for the creation of a being with unrivaled beauty. His Scarlet eyes glimmered with confusion at the sight he was seeing.

This place was certainly not the 5 star hotel located in Hollywood, and where were the mob of girls surrounding the hotel in attempts of stripping him from his virginity?

How interesting. Despite the scenery around this place being extremely profound and attractive to the eye, there was truly no similarity between america and this foreign land. No, a location like this never even existed back in earth. A scenery as beautiful as this, in addition to the ancient- like setting, It was impossible for he, Azazel vanir Astraph, to have never heard of it.

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Things were not adding up, not at all. The cold air forcefully brushed past him, ruffling his sparkling hair as it dispersed into the realm of the unseen. This was probably the legendary myth of transmigration…. Wait a minute. Azazel turned around abruptly and walked towards the nearby pond, his steps quick yet calculated.

He just seemed to have been teleported, his existence yeeted from the shitty planet called earth.

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Alright, thought azazel. Even if it is true that I was Yeeted from my plane, this still should fall under the script created by many of the novels I read back in earth.

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I would appear in another location, and then immediately get a system of some sorts that will facilitate my rise to power. Boom, Not complicated. The beautiful boy leaned against the massive tree, the sound of water soothing his thoughts and calming the excitement that threatened to take over his vessel. Now involved the process to wait for this system to make its appearance, it should not be too long until Azazel's mouth hung open in unvocalized frustration, his eyes gazing at the moon- waiting for a miracle of some sort to happen… Nothing. He maneuvered himself out of the thick congregation of trees until he saw a massive manor with the name xiao hanging mightily atop the entrance. Xiao clan?

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This is still not enough. There were so many characters with the surname xiao that counting them will be an unnecessary waste of effort, there was just that many of them. Azazel expressionlessly looked around, his scarlet eyes finally landing on a group of people congregating in what seem to be a store of some sort. He, too, could not believe what dog shit luck this f cker ate to marry such a complete wife.

Azazel leaned closer until he was able to clearly hear what they were uttering. You are just mad that with your aptitude and dog shit looks, she would not spare you even an initiative glance. As such, you Don't want to anyone else to eat her in bed. Azazel listened with keen interest. The second the names xiao che and xia qingyue were mentioned, his heart beat increased slightly in sudden realization. This place was from against the gods, the 2 mentioned people were naturally the main character and his bitc- respectable wife.

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I can use my innate understanding of this world to my favor. Holcombe injects his ideas into mathematically structured dystopian snapshots. Words: 67, Published: July 25, Brutal, erudite and lyrical. Composed in a series of vignettes reminiscent of Wm Burroughs. Challenging thriller by a clinical psychologist. Studded with occult allusions.

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Readers often describe it as the most disturbing book they've ever read. The Eye of Azazel is dense with obscure military, crime, supernatural, occult and historical references. Read with caution. Published October 13, Follow them on Twitter: BalCossa. Visit their website.